People I met on the way - Montana


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Kacy and Dennis (Meadow view ranch - Idaho)

When Sarah and I, feeling rather desperate, ended up in a service station not for from Yellowstone, we were warmly welcomed by Dennis and his grandson Kacy at their Meadow View Ranch on the banks of Lake Henry, which is located north of Idaho on the border with Montana. They agreed to look after the two mules so that we could take a couple of days’ “vacation” in the region of Big Sky and Bozeman. Dennis and Kacy take groups of young people from different backgrounds into their ranch and teach them how to ride horses for several weeks. They also organize rodeos and competitions with their cattle herds. We were lucky enough to watch their last rodeo of the year!

For more information on Meadow View Ranch:


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Mike, Jory and Jake Huntsman (Huntsman ranch - Dell)

I was eating my picnic on the Divide when I met Mike, his son and daughter, who were also out horse riding on the same path. We chatted and I ended up following them to their pick-up and trailer big enough to transport their 3 horses and 2 mules. All 5 of us travelled the 1-hour trip to their ranch, where I spent the night. The next morning, Jory drove me back to the Continental Divide.

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Tamir SHAY (Israel)

Tamir was the first hiker I met travelling the CDT North to South. I met him on 15 August not far from Morrison Lake, after my lone travels along the roller coaster Divide trail. Tamir, who is from Israel, had taken six months off to hike before returning to his studies. We camped on the same site and joyfully shared our meals and conversation.

I may have the only mules whose names have been translated into Hebrew!

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Bruce (Glacier National Park ranger)

Bruce is an excellent ranger, passionate about the wildlife in the park, and especially the bears, whose safety he is responsible for. He enthusiastically conveys his passion to the park visitors. I will also remember him for the fine he gave me, a few days before the end of my trip, because I ate my picnic too far from the pack crates full of food.


Greg THEISEN (Seattle)

We shared some happy moments with Greg at the Kootenai Lake campsite. Greg had come to Glacier Park to unwind for a few weeks and get away from his stressful job. He shared his knowledge of wildlife with us and told us about the animals living there.

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Steven SELL (Eureka)


Steven is a friend of the trainer Steve Edwards, and he picked us up at the end of our trip and drove over 2 hours with his trailer to get us. We stopped with him for a few days in Eureka and shared some wonderful experiences together: my maiden hydroplane flight, archery and rifle shooting, cookery lessons, cleaning my stuff, shopping, etc. Steven was a very considerate host, so that our transition from a nomad’s life to “normality” was both easy and gentle.